Forest Fire Prediction Alarm System


Let's save the lungs of the world.


What is FIPAS?

FIPAS (Forest fire Prediction Alarm System) helps organizations working on forest fire prevention and management and it gives them tools to make efficient decisions and activate the required actions depending on fire probabilities.

It is an information system capable of predict a possible forest fire and it gives users the necessary software to configure and monitor the fire alerts.

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What does FIPAS Offer?


A sequence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms calculate a fire risk level, called FIPAS index, for each monitored area. Due to the huge number of variables to be taken into account, there are 4 different models depending on how fire is originated:

  • Climatology

  • Natural Causes

  • Human Factor

  • Socioeconomic Factor

FIPAS index is the result of combining the predictions from each model, in order to generate a global indicator. However, the individual predictions are also available to the user for each monitored area.

ejemplo de visualizacion de las alertas en modo lista
ejemplo de visualización de las alertas en un mapa

Forest areas monitoring

Using FIPAS, users can configure their alerts and the system will calculate specific predictions. For each of the selected areas, users will get the actual FIPAS index at that moment, as well as the individual risk levels from the 4 models.

Information is updated automatically every 10 min and the visualization of the data will come in two ways:

  • lists

  • dinamic maps

In addition, users will get detailed information which originated that risk level, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed,...

24x7x365 Alert System

The system is permanently calculating the FIPAS index for each alert previously selected by the users. When this index exceeds an established threshold, an alert will be sent by email, sms and social networks.

Visualization System with Virtual Reality glasses

FIPAS includes a visualization system with virtual reality glasses in order to track and analyze critical points of the possible source of fires in real time, generating map images and high resolution environments inmediately from our servers, completely independent of external repositories.

What makes us unique?

Our Development Team

An extraordinary team of Artificial Intelligence specialists with an extend professional career and deeply committed with their functions as well as the natural environment.

Expert Collaborators

Experts in the field of Biology, Todography, Forest and Environmental Engineering, Sustainable Landscape or Environmental Management, which contribute wealth of knowledge based on their experience.

External Collaborations

This project has the support of the Innovation and Technology Ministry, and collaborations from Andalusian Agency of Knowledge, Andalusian Government and others national and international organizations related to environmental field.

Services and Repositories

Collaborations agreements with repositories related to biodiversity (public and private), a number of nanosatellites and services agreements with 90% of satellites providers from all the globe.

Data of Interest

Only 4% of fires have natural causes. FIPAS houses an extensive list of different variants for data analysis and prediction model training.