Forest Fire Prediction Alarm System


Action Protocol for Fire Sightings

How to act in the evnt of a fire sighting? Do not lose detail of this guide in which we explain in a simple way the steps to follow.

Sighting fire or smoke column. How to proceed?

In the event of a forest fire or smoke column sighting, the first thing to do is make sure you are not at risk.

How to proceed in case of fire

  1. Observe the direction of the fire and find an escape route.

  2. Cover your nose and mouth with a damp cloth.

  3. Find places where vegetation is sparse.

  4. Be aware of the wind. Go in the opposite direction.

  5. Look for firebreaks or natural barriers like rivers or roads. Don't run uphill.

  6. If fire surrounds you, stand on burned ground.

  7. Stay calm and follow the instructions of authorities.

How to act if we see a forest fire or smoke column

In case of imminent risk, we will first follow the steps described in "How to proceed in case of fire?".

  1. First thing is always to make sure you are not under imminent risk.

  2. Notify the authorities by calling 112, providing in detail the information they request.

  3. Follow the instructions indicated by the 112 staff.

  4. Notify people who live nearby