Forest Fire Prediction Alarm System


NASSAT is a company ready to achieve the new challeges the society demands nowadays. Therefore, we strive every day to give people and organizations a secure and cutting edge technology, adapting every need. A connected world is a community with achievable goals.

As a Satellite Telecommunications Operator, we provide customized communication services; Internet worldwide for every type of land, air and sea vehicles. A constant analysis and research of our I+D+i department makes innovative solutions possible.

Committed to Equality, the End of Poverty and Change Climate, among others, NASSAT meets Sustainable Development Objetives from 2030 Agenda on the UN Sustainable Development Plan, joining forces to this social and enviromental guide, working day by day in order to guarantee more inclusiveness, more protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, and more shared wealth for the benefit of present and future generations.

At NASSAT we contribute in a relevant way to the fulfillment of these Objectives: